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People have all sorts of questions about cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, spit and other types of smokeless tobacco, different tobacco products, nicotine,


Addiction, and quitting. Many of these questions are answered here. We also answer some questions about how smoking and tobacco can affect a person’s health, including the heart, circulation, and lungs. We discuss its effect on unborn babies and how it affects the risk of cancer and other diseases.


Please see the “To learn more” section to see other tobacco-related subjects we cover in more detail in separate documents.




Is smoking tobacco really addictive?

Why do people start smoking?

How many people use tobacco?

What in tobacco smoke is harmful?

How does tobacco smoke affect the lungs?

Does smoking tobacco affect your heart?

How does smoking affect pregnant women and their babies?

What are some of the short- and long-term effects of smoking tobacco?

Is secondhand (environmental) tobacco smoke dangerous?

How does tobacco use affect the economy?

What’s being done to protect people from the hazards of smoking?

Are spit tobacco and snuff safe alternatives to smoking?

What are the health risks of smoking pipes or cigars?

What about electronic cigarettes? Aren’t they safe?

Is dissolvable tobacco safe?

What about more exotic forms of smoking tobacco, such as clove cigarettes, bidis, and hookahs?

What can I do to help with any damage that may have been caused by smoking?

Can quitting really help a lifelong smoker?

How do people quit tobacco?

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