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Doctors Privilege Access

1. One to One communication with Patients.
2. Group your patients and Manage common communications.
3. Access to all the registered Panel of Doctors to exchange information
4. If you are logged and online you will be visible for patients in CareAll for communication.
5. Post your Content to feature your articles under "Doctor's Column"
6. Medical students can post their articles under special category named “ Medical Students “
7. One to one Communication with Medical Students.
8. Upload / Post Videos and images in the gallery section.
9. Your YouTube videos can also be posted using YouTube link..
10. Publish your Medical book in “E-Knowledge”
11. Post your Medical Experience (Papers &Books) in “Care Knowledge”
12. Get Visibility of “Clinical Trials”.

General Registered Users Privilege

1. Manage your Medical Records online.
2. Communicate to all the registered Doctors globally.
3. Access to view all the Contents in the website.
4. Post Medical tips to feature it under "Medical Tips".
5. One to one communication between patients to share experience.
6. Access Care Knowledge and E-Knowledge to gain Knowledge.
7. Use CareAll for communicating with Doctors who are online.




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