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Five elements in nature influence our very existence. These 5 elements are Fire, Air, wind, Earth and Sky (Ether) Of the five, the first four fire, air, wind and earth

can either be felt or are tangible in some form. However, the one that influences us the most is the Ether (sky) which is more of an intangible experience rather than a feeling or any other tangible form Similarly, in medicine, the key element is to look upon our Doctors as Healers. The intangible experience, experienced by the patient matters more than the real actual medicine. To Draw a parallel 1) Diagnosis 2) Medicines 3) Surgery 4) Post operative care / recovery The above 4 matter a lot, however the real factor is how the patient feels post the treatment from within his mind which matters most. For this invaluable service rendered by the Doctor community, we owe our salutations




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