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Many women don't quit smoking because they are afraid of gaining weight. That's because nicotine suppresses the appetite and boosts a smoker's metabolism.

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Diseases can be classified as genetic, metabolic, or infectious. Genetic diseases are caused by genetic defects inherited from the parents.Sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis

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Otosclerosis is the abnormal growth of bone of the MIDDLE ear. This bone prevents structures within the ear from working properly and causes hearing loss.

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Symptoms & Types To understand epilepsy and seizures, familiarize yourself with the major types as well as epilepsy signs and symptoms. We’ve got basic information.

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Plasma cell neoplasms are diseases in which the body makes too many plasma cells. Plasma cells develop from B lymphocytes (B cells),a type of white blood cell that is made.

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Epidemiology, Classification and Pathology of Pulmonary Hypertension (An interview with Professor Trevor J Williams, Clinical Director, Allergy, Immunology

Read more: Epidemiolog Classification &Pathology,

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